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Are you Young Innovator?

Are you young and have an innovative idea?

…searching for services you need to conceive, consider and start up your project


Are you Service Provider?

Are you provider of services for start-ups and young innovators?

…offering the support to conceive, consider and start up promising project ideas


Who We Are

Who We Are?

We believe that everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are people who recognize a gap in the market or a business opportunity and set out to exploit it. It might be through a new product, a service, or a way of addressing a social or environmental issue, but entrepreneurs are people who find ways of making it happen.

If you are young, you look at the world through different eyes. You are innovative; you know how to change the things, for us you are a Young Innovator. We know you come from all walks of life. It doesn't matter which subject you're studying or what your passions are, you have the potential to change the world around you.

But you have your needs. You need financial capital, you need the best people, you need new partners and customers, you need laboratories or just office spaces, you need support to focus on your mission. You need to be quick…

We understand you. That’s why we prepared for you the InoPlace portal. It is a best place where you can quickly find the best service in your region that will solve your need. It is a best place where you can learn from others, from your peers. InoPlace portal will save your time, will find your best match to your need, will help you grow quicker.

That’s our mission, what’s yours?

Benefits to Young Innovators

Benefits to Young Innovators?

• Find the right service to solve your needs in innovation and entrepreneurship

• Find the exact service you need – thanks to intelligent search and experiences of your peers

• Help you with your idea or start-up

• Get an advice or an answer to your questions

• Be in contact with your peers – other Young Innovators - around the Europe

• Learn from experiences of others

• Be connected in your region and in Europe – don’t miss anymore a good opportunities

Benefits to Service Providers

Benefits to Service Providers?

• Show your services to the Young Innovators

• Gain reputation in this community by getting high evaluation for your work

• Show your work and activities in your region – present your events, results

• Interact with Young Innovators – respond and advise to their questions

• Show your work out of your region – across the Europe

• Be connected in your region and in Europe – don’t miss anymore a good opportunities


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